Booth accessories and extra services

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In case you order a booth for the Job Fair, please choose from the accessories below based on your requirements. Find more details via the 'Accessories' menu.

Unique design

Based on your company's image your booth will be covered with a photo-quality design. In case of a demand we can create a graphic design plan on a special offer.

Interview cabin

This is to allow an undisturbed discussion with applicants, away from the rush of the Job Fair (with the floorspace of 4 m2, equipped with a table, 2 chairs, table decoration, dustbin, wall clock, carpet, lighting, frieze label).

Storage room

If your publications, brochures or other equipments do not fit into your booth, on demand we will have a 2 m2 storage room ready for you.

Internet cable access

Each stand includes a wireless internet access as a basic service, but a an extra service you can order cable access, too. Each endpoint has a 100Mbit speed.

Individual booth name

The basic service includes a standard booth name for each booth. Those exhibitors, who prefer to order individual booth banners, can decide to make their own (individually brought inscription) or make us prepare it based on their graphical lans (individually ordered inscription). Please, indicate your preference on the Order Form.

Unique carpet color

The booth price includes grey carpet, however we can offer different colours if there is a demand, which you can inspect in the Menu "Accessories". As an extra service you can order a laptop, DVD player and television in 3 different size.

Booth accessories

We offer a variety of accessories helping to present your company: cabinets of different sizes, brochure holders, internet connection to reach your homepage online etc. Please find it in the Menu "Accessories".

Parking place

One parking place is included in the basic service package for each stand. In case of a need, a limited number of places can be ordered.

Hot meal

Besides the lunch that is contained in the basic service you can order more on the Order Form.

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